The Infrastructure Realty Trust is an externally managed private real estate investment portfolio company that is primarily focused on commercial real estate assets that are utilized by the infrastructure industries, i.e., telecommunications, energy. A virtual enterprise based in Wyoming, the Infrastructure Realty Trust invests in real assets located throughout North America.

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Retail Telecom Infrastructure Real Estate…

Above:  Example of retail infrastructure real estate; a freestanding single credit tenant retail building owned by the Infrastructure Realty Trust and leased to AT&T under a long term triple net lease (NNN) that provides the necessary infrastructure to enable AT&T to provide products and services directly to its customers in a comfortable face to face environment.

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Industrial Telecom Infrastructure Real Estate…


Above:  Example of industrial infrastructure real estate; a parcel of land owned by the Infrastructure Realty Trust that is leased to a cell tower company under a long term triple net lease (NNN), like Crown Castle who builds and operates towers and in turn leases antenna space on the tower to wireless telecom carriers. The Infrastructure Realty Trust also grants easements and other rights to wholesale landline carriers that enable them to provide necessary backhaul connectivity to the wireless carriers that must connect their antennas to their mobile telephone switching offices, usually by terrestrial fiber optic cable.

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